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Envision Financial Systems, Inc. has created PowerBasis to address the needs of Investment companies.  PowerBasis is an integrated on-demand mutual fund cost basis solution.


PowerBasis supports all current IRS tax-lot relief methods and includes all required adjustments and transfer scenarios.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Expense:

  • Eliminate the need to purchase and support hardware by accessing PowerBasis through a web browser.
  • Available today, so you can avoid the expense and risk associated with internal programming.
  • Enables shareholder self-servicing to reduce dependency on your staff

Improve Investor and Customer Satisfaction

  • Provide shareholders a tax strategy selection feature to make it easy for investors to make decisions.  Shareholder simply set a strategy such as “Maximize Gain – Long Term and then Short Term” and the systems does the rest.
  • Allow shareholders to model the gain loss on a redemption amount before executing the trade.
  • Provide shareholders with their cost basis information in advance of the required deadline and allow them to manage their gains and losses.