Company History

The Dream of Envision

The roots of Envision trace back to 1991. Prior to founding Envision, Satnam Gambhir was Vice President of Information Systems at Analytic Investment Management (a subsidiary of United Asset Management in Boston) where he was responsible for the firm’s investment management systems. At the same time Tim Kan was employed by Stockmate Financial as the chief architect of real-time quotation data feeds used by various brokerage houses. The two met in 1988 when Analytic Investment became a customer of Stockmate Financial.

While working at Analytic Investment, Mr. Gambhir was charged with either updating the existing Analytic shareholder accounting system to accommodate daily accrual funds or creating something new. Mr. Gambhir’s review of third party systems found that the market was dominated by a couple of legacy mainframe technology applications. Knowing that mainframe systems would be expensive and inflexible to operate, Analytic made the strategic decision to go in a new direction and leverage the emerging technologies of client-server and relational databases. In 1993 the initial development of Analytic’s next generation shareholder accounting system was completed.

During this same time period Mr. Gambhir and Mr. Kan’s relationship had grown and the two became friends. They began socializing outside their work environments which ultimately lead to discussions of going into business together. After exploring different options the two decided to focus on mutual fund accounting applications.

When Mr. Kan’s employer, Stockmate, was sold to ADP in 1993 and Mr. Gambhir completed his efforts at Analytic Investment Management, they decided the time was right to implement their business plan.

Envision Financial Systems was officially founded in October of 1994 by Mr. Gambhir, Mr. Kan and investor Alan Lewis. They chose the name “Envision” to capture their discontent with mainframe based technologies and the future they saw for contemporary technology in the financial services market place.

Early meetings in those formative days took place in houses, public parks and even a regular meeting at the local Carl’s Jr. Eventually they opened their first office in Newport Beach California in 1995.