PowerAgent “PACash”

Portfolio Managers can manage only what they can measure. During the course of a trading day, there are significant and continuous cash inflows and outflows. Matching the performance of an index, or maximizing a fund’s yield, requires that all daily trading activity be accounted for the same day so the Portfolio Manager can trade accordingly.

PACash is the prize-winning extension for PowerAgent. PACash provides up-to-the-second cash availability so that Portfolio Managers can maximize fund performance for fund shareholders by being fully invested in securities earning more than money market instruments.

PACash provides fund managers with:

  • Continuous and real-time analysis of actual, pending and estimated trade activity for maximizing shareholder investment returns through a portfolio manager dashboard.
  • An accurate view of projected cash flows with real-time accounting of pending purchases, redemptions and exchanges from all available sources including file transmissions, phone calls, web trades, faxes, etc.
  • Actual versus estimated trades analysis.
  • Available cash information computed directly from activity accumulated in PowerAgent—without any double entry.