PowerAgent “PAWorx”

Organizations are straining to find process and cost efficiencies at every turn. Operational Managers use PAWorx to meet these challenges.

PAWorx is fully integrated with PowerAgent and is a customizable imaging and workflow system that captures and moves documents and data electronically through your workflow processes, creating meaningful operational efficiencies and cost benefits.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs:

  • Monitor the status of business processes at each work step through a real-time executive dashboard.
  • Monitor actual work to your quality thresholds to ensure you are exceeding your quality standards.
  • Leverage standard, imbedded transactional and non-transactional work flows providing a cost-effective and rapid realization of business process efficiencies.
  • Capture documents and files from multiple sources and link them to specific accounts, transactions or dealers.
  • Electronically store, organize, and manage documents, files, and other business-critical information, providing fast, security-controlled access to information.
  • Index items for rapid retrieval.
  • Read bar code information so return correspondence is automatically linked to the shareholders account.
  • Convert correspondence and pictures into images that are editable.
  • Remove manual key strokes by automatically populating PowerAgent fields based on applicable index values.
  • Connect seamlessly to your content management system, database or other repository, simplifying the delivery of information into PowerAgent.

Control and Customize your Experience:

  • Analyze, develop and design customized work flows to automate each step of your business processes through a graphical drag-and-drop interface.
  • Push or pull work based on the work type, account number or any other pre-defined field.
  • Annotate images with notes, highlighting or markings for future reference while preserving the original integrity of the document.
  • Monitor, administer, control and track performance metrics for all of your process management applications.