Mutual Fund Service Providers


PowerAgent for Mutual Fund Service Providers

Transfer agency service providers have increased productivity and reduced cost; enhanced and improved customer service; and reduced risk by retaining control through PowerAgent.

PowerAgent provides all the necessary functionality needed to meet the needs of transfer agency service providers.

The open, modular and rule-based architecture of PowerAgent provides you the tools necessary to optimize your transfer agency and shareholder servicing business.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs:

  • PowerAgent was designed from the ground up in conjunction with service providers to correlate perfectly with the administrative and recordkeeping needs of your business.
  • Eliminate delays and provide shareholders and advisers up-to-the-second access to real-time information through a customer-centric intuitive user interface.
  • Make your new employees productive sooner through an intuitive design.
  • Answer most inquires and execute transactions directly at the point of contact.
  • Reduced fund and firm administration with the use of templates and parameter driven data fields.

Improve Investor and Customer Satisfaction:

  • Use the open technology of PowerAgent to facilitate the exchange of information integrating with internal surround systems and third party applications.
  • Eliminate aggravating issues by processing activity correctly the first time using 500 systemic data checks and validations.
  • Provide real-time access to information and reporting so that your clients know exactly where they stand at any point in time.
  • Grant real-time 24/7 system access by eliminating batch processes that get in the way of your clients accessing their accounts.

Control and Customize your Experience:

  • Create product differentiation by eliminating system hurdles that get in the way of your great ideas.
  • Configure investment options, Account Types, Transaction Types and Fee Types and many more at the click of a button to create a unique experience for your clients.
  • Process mutual funds, hedge funds, Institutional Money Markets, Offshore funds and protected principal funds on a single system and avoid the additional costs of multiple systems.
  • Integrate shareholder accounting data with third party surround systems to leverage prior investments.
  • Access PowerAgent in a client/server or Software as a Service (SaaS) model to design a technology infrastructure that is right for your business.