Sales and Performance

Sales Data Management, Reporting and Analytics

SalesStation:  Data Management, Reporting & Analytics is not just a “system” but a total solution consisting of Product, Services and People. Our total solution is a Software as a Service offered in partnership with Celera Systems LLC. It is dedicated to the financial service industry specializing in the intermediary sales model. SalesStation: Data Management, Reporting & Analytics is customizable to your business model and reporting structures. Our total solution model provides consulting, business and technology expertise, customization, flexibility, integration and outsourced technology that grows with your business.

  • Product — SalesStation:  Data Management, Reporting & Analytics is an enterprise, integrated solution that provides two major components:
    • SalesStation: Data Management, Reporting & Analytics Application
    • Technology Outsourcing
  • Services — Our service model is integrated with our product offering. A summary view of our services are:
    • Interface and product customization and enhancements
    • Production support
    • Project management
    • Consulting by experienced staff with extensive financial and technical experience
    • Strategic planning
    • Quality control processes and methodology
    • Conversions
    • Many other services required to provide a solution to our clients
  • People — Our SalesStation:  Data Management, Reporting & Analytics Team vision and culture is delivering a high quality product in a cost efficient and effective manner. We are an extension of your team. Our staff is dedicated, experienced, practical, and innovative and has a proven record of resolving complex issues and delivering on-time and on-budget.

SalesStation Provides:

  • Channel Reporting (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Commissionable Sales Reporting (Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Sales Reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Sales reporting using your organizational structures